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Struggle to get link clicks, potential leads or conversions?

We are facebook advertising specialists with 7+ years of experience in Pay Per Click advertising. Over the years, we have grown hundreds of dropshipping, e-commerce stores & various businesses by deploying our advertising strategy and techniques to improve revenues while maintaining positive ROI.
Whether you have a new or established business, we can help identify and drive qualified audiences to your website through Facebook/Instagram ads.

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1 Ad Setup
1x Facebook Ads Campaign
5 Highly Targeted Audiences
Ad Content Creation
Keyword Research
Ads Analytical Report
Campaign Optimization
2 Days Delivery

Continue ($30)


2 Ads Setup
3x Facebook Ads Campaign
10 Highly Targeted Audiences
Ad Content Creation
Keyword Research
Ads Analytical Report
Campaign Optimization
Ads Insights
3 Days Delivery

Continue ($50)


4 Ads Setup
8 Days Management
5x Facebook Ads Campaign
20 Highly Targeted Audiences
Ad Content Creation
Keyword Research
Ads Analytical Report
Campaign Optimization
Ads Insights
A/B Test
5 Days Delivery

Continue ($170)


6 Ads Setup
FREE Video Ads Creation
15 Days Management
7x Facebook Ads Campaign
30 Highly Targeted Audiences
Ad Content Creation
Keyword Research
Ads Analytical Report
Campaign Optimization
Ads Insights
A/B Test
8 Days Delivery

Continue ($250)

How it works?

Gather Requirements

Gather Requirements

After purchased the service we will send you a brief to fill out with info

Ads Setup & Management

Create Ad Campaign

We will setup your ads and create contents for your ads campaigns

Website Design


We’ll handle any tweaks required to keep your ad performing its best

Follow Up

Follow Up

Optimize ad campaign and send you performance and analytical report

Some of our latest work

While most of the work were built by us from the ground up, we experience a wide range of involvement with our client

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What clients are saying

  • Mockingbird Apothecary
    I am very happy with the instagram content creation project Mardia Social team completed! The design is awesome and posts are written to engage our followers and entice them to visit our shop page. I will definitely continue to use their services.
    Mockingbird Apothecary
  • Atlanta Photographer
    When I tell you it’s almost like Mardia Social team made my dreams come true right before my eyes. They are captured my brand in a way that I didn’t even think that it could go. The team is amazing! And a joy to work with I would recommend Mardia Social any day of the week they are the best and very fast.
    Jamie Hoenshel
    Atlanta Photographer
  • Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach
    Mardia Social goes above and beyond your expectations. The communication was excellent, the team member are friendly and great to work with. I’m extremely happy with the results they has provided. They are top service provider. I will working with Mardia Social team again. Absolutely!!!!
    Louise Nonweiler
    Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach

Frequently asked questions

1What is the main difference between Basic, Standard and Premium Packages?
You get Ad Campaign setup details, Target Audiences, Ad Content and sessions as part of all packages. Ad Management is only included in the Premium Package though. Extras in Pro Package includes Pixel setup, ad optimization and automation. You can also get these as Service extras.
2What is included in Ad Campaign setup?
The Ad Campaign setup covers detailed instructions on selecting Campaign Objective, Ad Set details, Budget Recommendation and Ad setup. So 1 Ad Campaign Setup would cover all this for a single Ad. You can also get our assistance in going through the process on your Facebook Business Manager.
3How do you research relevant Audiences?
We use our in-house research strategy utilizing multiple data sources and recognition patterns to narrow down a relevant Target Audience for you. The Target Audience delivery provides you all the attributes i.e. area, demographics, interests and behaviors for setting up the audience.
4What comprises the Ad Content?
The Ad Content basically includes the complete Ad Copy for Ad Title, Caption, Description and Call-to-Action. It does not include the Ad Image or Design itself however, you do get recommendation on what to use for more effectiveness. Note: All content is provided in English and can be translated.
5Do you need access to my Facebook account or Business Manager?
We never ask for access to your personal Facebook account. We only need access to your Business Manager through a secure channel if you hire us for Ad Management, Pixel Setup, Automation or Optimization. Happy to help with trouble-shooting or guidance for other packages though.
6Does this cover the Ad Spend and Budget?
No, none of the services include the Ad-spend. It is billed directly to your Facebook Business Manager by Facebook when you start running ads. We do provide recommendations on budget depending upon what you are trying to achieve however, ad-spend optimization requires hands-on ad management.
7How do I choose between different bidding options and spend patterns?
Facebook provides a multitude of options ranging from full manual control to total automation for ad-spend. We do provide recommendations on what to choose as part of Campaign setup however getting more effective results require constant testing and total ad management.
8I'm absolutely new to Facebook Ads, how can you help?
Don't worry, we all started somewhere. You can get complete guidance starting from setting up your page to the Business Manager and Ad account complementary as part of all packages so you can get going with the most ease.
9What is your Ad Management process?
We start with an invite to your Business Manager. All Campaigns and details are shared with you before-hand for approval and Ads are also setup in preview for you to review first before going live. You get a weekly performance report on all active campaigns with strategy sessions for coming week.
10Can I get services for something not listed in packages?
Yes, you absolutely can. We can only list so many details with Mardia Social's standard templates. Contact us if you are looking for a custom package or additional services and you can get a reasonable custom quote for your work.

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