Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Social Media Management

1Can you setup my account with your social media management service?
Of course we can! We can build the social accounts for your business and even set up some email accounts for you to access the platforms with.
2Do I need to give you my password for social media management service? Is it safe?
Yes, your password stays between you and our team only! 100% safe! We prefer to have direct access to your accounts as it is the most efficient way. You can also make us admin of your page.
3Do I have to provide pictures or sample of design files for social media posts design?
No, We will create the whole content. Some posts we create from scratch, some are stock images and some are a mix. We encourage providing pictures if you are selling a specific product, you want someone/something to be on the pictures, or just like a picture to be posted.
4What is the social media management work-flow process?
1. Contact us about the service and then Purchase the Service 2. We will send you a brief to fill out with company information 3. We will create your custom posts 4. We will send you the posts for approval, 3 revision is included 5. We will post and manage your account for 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days.
5What if you deliver a content with your social media management that I don't like?
Please contact us and we will do modifications until you are 100% satisfied with your content before we go live with posting! We want you to have a 5 star experience.
6Why do I work with a social media manager?
Facebook and Instagram already have over 1 billion active users, and other social media platforms are growing daily. By being active on the platform, you will be able to reach a larger audience and drive sales and traffic!
7Can you be a social media manager and post designer for longer than 30 days?
Yes. Our packages on Mardia Social are designed for new clients to find out how great our services are! If you would like management for 30+ days than please contact us soon and we will help you to manage your account.
8How many Followers will I get from your social media management service?
Followers counts depend on a lot of factors that can affect this. However, We can promise that your page will grow with organically real targeted followers. Please be aware, that it may take time for the momentum to build up. But Normally I'm getting avg 300-1200 followers per month.
9You are a social media manager, do you design social media posts for posting?
Yes we will design your social contents! It will be related to your brand theme.
10Can you tag location with each post?
Yes possible, we can tag location or persons.
11What type of social media posts do you create for social media management service?
We will create banners, quotes, memes, infographics, call-to-action, video posts.
12There are many social media manager here so why should I work with you?
We have worked abroad in digital marketing for clients around the globe, giving us a very unique experience and allowing us to be able to learn from the best in multiple multicultural environments.
13I am referring someone to your service! Can I get discount with your social media management service?
Firstly, We really appreciate you recommending our service to others! Yes of course, You will get a discount on your next promotion.

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